TANKART 1 by Michael Rinaldi | WWII German Armor

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WWII German Armor (2nd Edition)

There are many "how-to" books in today's world of scale modeling, but none has covered the "why", as well as, the "how-to" processes... the modeler's artistic approach, until now.

In TANKART, a painting and weathering guide book series, the focus is on taking real-life observations of paint and weathering effects and incorporating the best techniques to replicate them. Within this first volume, WWII German Armor, author and producer Michael Rinaldi will go deep into the thought process about the why of certain steps as it relates to German camo schemes. Combined with his education in design, his passion for learning & teaching, and some clear informative photography, he has strived to produced a book which focuses on the importance of telling the story of each vehicle. To bring these ideas to life requires a spectrum of processes and techniques which are covered in great detail; including the Hairspray Technique and my new Oil Paint Rendering -- techniques that can be combined in an layered array to tell the story of each model.

• new cover design, on heavier cover stock with new matt lamination soft-touch feel
• updated and revised Product, Hairspray and OPR technique chapters
• figure modeling chapter replaced with new model chapter from world class UK modeler Lester Plaskitt and his incredible Sd.Kfz 251/21 Drilling halftrack with crew. This is a EuroMilitaire Gold Medal winning model, and has never been published before! The guest author layout will now follow the rest of the book graphics and provide a much improved final touch.
• typos fixed and corrections added, updated graphics to match the TA3 style

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