DIY Lineman's Rope for Hunting - UPDATE 2019

10 Feb 2019 13:21 26
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I made a video in the past about putting together a DIY lineman's rope. One viewer made a great suggestion in the comments to use a cinching knot onto the carabiner instead of an overhand or figure 8. In addition to implimenting that change, I have made a rope which uses a slightly larger 11mm Samson Predator. This allows you to use a ropeman 1 ascender or a more traditional rope-based hitch. A hitch used with a tending device allows you to use the same one handed adjustments that you'd use with a mechanical ascender.

Wild Country Ropeman 1:
Shizzl Rope Slider:
Auto Locking Carabiner:
Samson Predator Rope:
Pre-spliced hitch cord:

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